Moon Yoga

Moon Yoga Cornwall


Tuesdays, 6 – 7.30pm

£10 drop in (£7 students)

A yoga practice for women to bring you back into harmony with the cyclical nature of your being. This class offers both the benefits of a yoga practice and an important opportunity for women to be in community. The session will include yoga practices that are in harmony with the cycle of the moon and as such mirror the menstrual cycle. There will also be space to share and reflect on your experiences during the different phases of the cycle. Suitable for women who are menstruating, from menarche to menopause.

– Learn about the different phases of the moon and how that might influence the way you feel physically and emotionally
– Practise yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation to bring balance and harmony at each phase of the moon cycle in real time
– Gain an understanding of how the cycle of the moon reflects the different phases of the menstrual cycle
– Learn which Ayurvedic dosha is predominant at each phase of the month

What people are saying:

“I feel so much more connected to the moon phases after doing this class – it feels really good.” Tamsin

“I value being able to share openly and honestly without feeling judged, it’s very special, thank you.” Ella

“Your sessions are so valuable and calming to me.” Eva

“I’ve really cherished this course.” Lisa

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