Yoga Therapy & One To Ones

Reasons for choosing a Yoga One to One:

  • to start up a home practice
  • to support you when experiencing emotional difficulties 
  • if you are already practicing yoga, and have a minor injury that requires modifying certain poses
  • as part of a mentoring programme for Yoga Teacher Trainees
  • as part of a mentoring programme for participants on my Establishing a Daily Routine Workshops
  • following illness to help prepare you return to a regular yoga class
  • to support you in manifesting a specific intention/bring about change in your life

What to expect:

  • each session begins with a brief chat about your current mental, physical and emotional state
  • a series of yoga postures, pranayama and meditation exercises to support your needs
  • photos of each posture can be emailed to you after the session, so you have a record to refer to for home practice
  • where appropriate I may recommend Bach Flower Remedies (I can supply these at an extra cost)
  • you will be encouraged to find out your dosha (constitiution according to Ayurveda) to inform the yoga practice and establish a diet and lifestyle that supports your wellbeing

What people are saying

“? thank you for sharing your gifts with me and others who need kindness and compassion in their lives xxx” L

“Thank you so much for your guidance and support Lucinda. Just hearing your words makes me feel so comforted. ” A 

“Thank you so much for your continued help and support. Yoga with you is a really transformative experience and I feel v lucky.” G