The Vibration of Being

yoga-sound-workshopYoga and Healing Sound

June 9
2 – 5pm at the Zedshed, Jubilee Wharf, Penryn

An immersive fusion of yoga, body/mind awareness, meditation and sound to bring you into connection with the deepest levels of your being.

A space to listen and explore the inner landscape of what is moving and alive in you.

As Megan holds you in loving space with her voice and beautiful soundscapes of drums, healing bowls, harmonium and chimes, Lucinda brings you into your bodies with a flowing sequence of gentle yoga postures.

The ancient practice of yoga unites the outermost layer of our bodies to the innermost self. The Voice & Sound creates healing consciousness. As these soulful practices dance together, Lucinda and Megan take you on a Yoga and Sound Medicine journey – creating a space where you can deeply connect with your inner being – a coming home to yourself, creating the space for dreams to move and manifest.

You will have the option to use your voice during this session and at any time you can just rest and drop into the sound space that is created with no obligation to move beyond what is just right for you.

No previous experience necessary.

BOOK NOW – £35 (+ £1 booking fee)