Summer Balancing Yoga Workshop

Lime House Yoga Studio
Saturday July 11
2 – 5pm

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, we as humans are a microcosm of the macrocosm, meaning all that is happening in the outer world will affect our inner world. Summer is the season of ‘pitta‘, in other words hot and intense, which can bring about a tendency to overdo things, excessive sharpness or focus, feelings of irritation and the possibility of burn out. The session will be aimed at calming and cooling the mind and releasing heat from the solar plexus.

The workshop will include:
– approx. 2 hours of yogapranayama and meditation
– a brief introduction to Ayurvedic principles
– teachings on how to balance pitta in lifestyle and diet

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“I just wanted to thank you for your seasonal balancing workshop today. I so enjoyed it. It was such an uplifting practice, and my body is already thanking me. You have such a beautiful calming energy,” B

Summer Balancing Yoga Workshop