Meditation & Supper Evening – Navigating Transition

Meditation and Supper Evening

Lime House Yoga Studio, Mount
6.30 – 8pm followed by supper.
May 11

As human beings, we will inevitably find ourselves in times of change, whether it be in relation to our homes, families, work, relationships, or the surrounding world that we live in. How can we reduce stress and meet these changes in a calm and centred fashion? How can we manage times of change skillfully? In the teachings of the Buddha, ‘Anicca’ refers to the impermanent nature of all things. Meditation practice helps us to experience directly the way in which all phenomena in our lives are subject to change, as well as providing a practice arena for cultivating equanimity. With this understanding we can begin to minimise our suffering and establish a steady ground for ourselves.

Advanced Booking Essential

Price: £24 – Includes light supper.
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