Autumn Balancing Yoga Workshop

Lime House Yoga Studio
Saturday October 10
2 – 5pm

This workshop is designed to help bring balance and wellbeing for the autumn season. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, we as humans are a microcosm of the macrocosm, meaning all that is happening in the outer world will affect our inner world. Autumn is the season of ‘vata‘, a time of transition when the elements of air and space predominate. On the one hand, autumn offers us a beautiful array of rich red, orange and yellow colours, but it can also leave us feeling a little destabilised and vulnerable to colds. This session will have a very nourishinggrounding focus, building inner warmth and a sense of community.

The workshop will include:

– approx. 2 hours of yoga, pranayama and meditation
– a brief introduction to Ayurvedic principles
– teachings on how to balance vata in lifestyle and diet

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“Just wanted to send you the hugest thank you for such an awesome Workshop!!! It was incredible – loved it!!!” J

“I found the pitta balancing workshop very enjoyable and it gave me a deeper awareness of flow and surrender in my yoga practice.” K
“The workshop was a lovely mixture of simple yoga practice, breathing exercises and some Ayurvedic theory to help support us through these seasonal changes when we can feel a little stressed and out of kilter. Thank you Lucinda!”E