Women’s Wellbeing

Moon Wisdom Workshop

womens wellbeingDec 10 2017
10am – 5pm
Porthallow Village Hall

This workshop offers powerful teachings for all women wishing to reclaim the understanding and practice of menstrual cycle awareness and the opportunities for spiritual awakening available to us at each and every menstruation.

By recognising that the rhythms of the Earth govern us, whether we are aware of them or not, we can make great strides in our ability to manage our energy levels. The most tangible way that a woman can come into harmony with the rhythms of the Earth is by observing her own individual menstrual cycle (or moon cycle if no longer bleeding). When we experience and feel the changes in our bodies consciously at each menstrual cycle we can begin to track the ‘Inner Seasons’ of our own unique rhythm.

Cycle awareness becomes a woman’s quintessential mindfulness practice. We learn to honour and respect our rising and falling energy levels and in so doing reclaim the dignity of our own self-worth. We become part of a global shift towards sustainability by taking care of our own needs and working with, rather than against, the natural law of of nature calling us back home to ourselves each and every cycle.

We will move fluidly between time exploring menstrual literacy teachings in sacred circle with Mandy and embodiment yoga practices with me.

As women, we are truly blessed, in that our cyclical nature has the potential to reveal great insights to us. This workshop will focus on the sacred time in a woman’s cycle when she is most open to receiving the wisdom of her own body. The knowledge of this practice was largely forgotten in western culture, at great expense to the well being of not only the women, but also the men. Only by learning how to honour the needs of our bodies at this time can we truly know ourselves and restore balance, both for ourselves, and to the wider community.

The workshop will include:

  • specific yoga practices to restore balance at each phase of your cylce
  • sacred practice of naming your experience
  • teachings on the 5 ‘chambers’ of menstruation and how to find harmony at each phase
  • visualisation technique for guidance to your specific needs
  • learn how to track your own moon cycle
  • the chance to join a community of like-minded women

What women have said they enjoyed about this workshop:

“The embodied practice – linking theory and physicality. It works beautifully together. I feel blessed to have been given these tools.” L, Reflexologist

“Lucinda and Mandy are extremely knowledgeable and inciteful and I enjoyed learning strategies to enhance my life.” J, Full-time mother

“I loved the openness and honesty of all the women I met today, especially the workshop leaders” C, Professor in Politics

Join Lucinda Pimlott and Mandy Adams for a delicious day of yoga, pranayama, meditation and enquiry. Suitable for women of all ages from menarche to post menopause, with no prior experience of yoga necessary. Please bring lunch to share.

£70 (includes a £1 booking fee)